Curated by Daina Maja Titonel

May 14 – June 28 2019

Chapter 7: The Mark of Water
Georgina Spengler
June 25 – 28 2019
Chapter 6: Survivors of Modernity
Roberto Nistri
June 18 – 22 2019
Chapter 5: Three
Isabella Ducrot
June 11 – 15 2019
Chapter 4: Scratch cards
Gaetano Zampogna
June 4 – 8 2019
Chapter 3: Inclusions
Peter Flaccus
May 28 – June 1st 2019
Chapter 2: Eternal lovers
Milica Cirovic
May 21 – 25 2019

Chapter 1: The Origins
Armando Spadini, Angelo Titonel
May 14 – 18 2019

L'opera diventa respiro che si allarga di lettura in lettura
[ The artwork becomes a single breath that widens with each reading ]
Maria Lai (1919-2013)

Miscellaneous is a one-of-a-kind exhibit. Divided into seven chapters, it springs from a deep reflection on the relationship between the viewer and the exhibition, and, further, on the agency the former has on the latter.

At times, a gallery can welcome hasty visitors who brush through the display quickly; as they leave, my ears are struck by the quiet, rumbling complaints of the artwork on the walls. Hurt, they demand more careful attention. The space itself feels somewhat violated by such distracted, fleeting appearances.

In this light, this time I ask the viewers choosing to visit Miscellaneous for their undivided attention and their time. Three chairs have been placed at the center of the gallery; each chair faces a different wall, hosting but a single artwork. The viewer is invited to take a seat, make themselves comfortable, and take time to enter into a dialogue with the work they have before them.

I ask the artwork to endure the empty wall's overbearing presence, and to use its evocative and suggestive force to absorb all of the attention.

I ask the gallery owner, and hence myself, to use the same attentive care that is required from viewers; and then I ask the curator, again myself, to change the exhibit each week, transforming the space and the exhibit itself into a performance.

And finally I ask the artists, who make all of this possible, to allow themselves to be involved in a performative experience of continued becoming.

Daina Maja Titonel