In support of "Stefano Project Onlus"

Enzo Ragazzini
Dirk Vogel
Anna Di Paola
Pierre-Yves Le Duc
Angela Maria Piga
Enzo Barchi
Alessandro Valeri
Ria Lussi

Curated by Daina Maja Titonel and Ria Lussi

March 10 - April 10, 2021

This collective was born in cooperation with artist Ria Lussi and is designed to support the "Stefano Project Onlus," a project started in 1987 by Stefano Palazzi in the small island of Nosy Komba, North Madagascar.

Covid-19 has made the urgent need to "care for one another and for all creation" — as stated by Pope Francis in the Encyclical Laudato Si' — more pressing than ever.

In response to this need, Daina Maja Titonel and Ria Lussi joined forces and decided to display a collection of erotically-inspired pieces intended to awaken all viewers from the folds of a winter slumber.

Works by Enzo Ragazzini, Dirk Vogel, Enzo Barchi and Alessandro Valeri belong to Lussi's private collection, while three of the gallery's artists — Pierre-Yves Le Duc, Angela Maria Piga and Anna Di Paola — generously contributed their pieces.

On display viewers will find: two large 'porno-graphies' by Enzo Ragazzini; one blueprint depicting two young girls in the wilderness by Anna Di Paola; the series "Swedish Acrobat" by Alessandro Valeri; the painting "9 muses and 9 poets" by Pierre-Yves Le Duc; subtly allusive statues by Angela Maria Piga and Enzo Barchi; seductive male nudes by Dirk Vogel; and finally "Out of the Blue," Ria Lussi's iconic piece.

All the proceeds from the sales will be divulged to the non-profit organization "Stefano Project Onlus". The organization has been working in Madagascar for over thirty years; its extraordinary contributions are documented here: