Artist’s Residency

Maja Arte Contemporanea


Todi, Italy | 2022 Edition

1. – Applications are open to all female candidates born after the 31st December 1981 and active in the visual arts; more specifically: drawing, painting, photography, or similar disciplines.

2. The 2022 Residency in particular will be awarded to an artist whose project is in the above disciplines and includes the use of paper (drawings; collages; décollage; photography; sculpture etc).

3. – The artist who will be awarded the Residency will be given exclusive and full use of an autonomous, furnished apartment for the entire month of May, 2022. The apartment is located in a vast private property in a rural area 8 km from Todi (PG), Italy.

4. – The Residency is to be intended as exclusive. The artist must be in possession of a regular Green Pass Covid-19 and may not have guests. No other people are allowed on the property be these friends, partners, or pets. The apartment and all indoor spaces are non-smoking.

5. – At the beginning of the Residency the artist will receive 1000 euros as a contribution towards living expenses.

6. – Applications must be submitted by email to by 12:00 am December 31 2021; they should include the subject line “Application for the Artistic Residency 2022”. No late applications and no applications received in a different format will be considered.

7. –  Each application must include:

a) an updated CV, including pictures, as well as the artist’s relevant studies, interests and experiences;

b) a portfolio of the artist’s ten most representative works;

c) a description (if rough) of the artist’s project for the Residency;

d) a short motivational letter.

8. – The applications will be treated with strict confidentiality and will be evaluated by a small committee including a gallerist-curator, a collector, and an artist.

9. – The committee will evaluate all applications and nominate a winner by 15 February 2022. The winner will be informed via email and will be given 5 days to accept the Residency. Were she not to accept, the committee will nominate a second winner.



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