In 2021, Maja Arte Contemporanea hosted its first Residency. Since then, the month-long residency has become an annual appointment.

It takes place in Romazzano, a town 8km from Todi (Perugia, Italy), in either May or September.

In keeping with the gallery’s aim to take action and concretely support rising female artists, the residency accepts applications from women exclusively.

The initiative is generously sponsored by art collectors Umberto Morera and Anna Maria Balsano Morera.

Edition 2023



In the world of insect the chrysalis represents the nymphal stage of butterflies who prepare to undergo a metamorphosis. Instead in psychology it becomes a symbol of the potential of being in the phases of its transformations: as well as the butterfly emerges at the end of a mysterious process of change, similarly human consciousness goes through various phases, enclosing a process and a story. Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by the mystery of metamorphosis which had a symbolic value, like a message that has never been deciphered.

This work, still ongoing, is an attempt to investigate adolescence as a history of being and its change on more levels. In fact, adolescence is a phase of the life cycle in which a young person lives a delicate moment of development, not only externally but also internally and in which balances are always unstable.

The images with a poetic vision of change, in which we find portraits of a psychological and intimate nature, are combined with images from the scientific-entomological repertoire, but also images of faded pages and words that underline the concept of impermanence in the difficult construction of the self. Inner and outer world are mixed in an attempt to decipher the mysterious riddle of adolescence.

Edition 2022


Feeling deeply

The artist’s ability to feel deeply, which creates the immense sensitivity running through her works, does not slumber while she is immersed in mundane chores. Thirty works on paper convey this specific manner of feeling from an exquisitely intimate perspective.

Agata Stepien shares her impressions on past situations or memories; all true, these are transformed by her gaze into images, each paired with a title that is reminiscent of a conversation or interrupted call. Together, they rise as a sort of 2022 urban poem.

Edition 2021


Todi: Lost within a room of one's own... found within.

One needs time to pause, to get lost, to lose oneself.

In the light that enlivens shapes, touches the color in a face, or a flower, or a place. Allowing myself to be lost in the wonder and bewilderment that emerges from the world’s lands, nature, human beings. In the thoughts, the stars, the clouds; in the lives of others; within memories. Trying to absorb the myriad stimuli and the beauty of the world to then describe it, revisiting it through the artwork, the image… finding myself.

– Anna Di Paola



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