Missoula, Montana USA

Peter Flaccus was born in 1947 in Missoula, Montana (USA). He studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, received a B.A. degree from Amherst College and an M.F.A. from Indiana University.

He began his artistic career in New York in the early 1970’s, exhibiting in several galleries, including the Zabriskie Gallery and the Monique Knowlton Gallery. He was awarded grants from the New York Foundation for the Arts, and residencies at both the Yaddo and MacDowell art colonies. In 1989 he curated the exhibition “Belief in Paint” at the Bennington College Art Museum.

At the beginning of the 1990’s, he moved to Rome, and began painting exclusively in the medium of encaustic, for which he has become well-known.

From 1994 to 2020 Peter Flaccus was a professor of studio art at John Cabot University, Rome.

Authors who have written on his work include Alberto Abbruzzese, Brunella Antomarini, Marcello Barison, Carlo Alberto Bucci, Maria Ida Gaeta, Grace Glueck, Donald Kuspit, Tanja Lelgemann, Rosa Pierno, Jacqueline Risset, Annemarie Sauzeau, Gabriele Simongini, Alan Singer, Susan Stewart, Stephen Westfall and many others.


Solo exhibitions

2023: “The Painting is a Place”, Palazzo Merulana, Rome.
2022: “The Flat Earth”, Maja Arte Contemporanea, Rome.
2021: “Combustions à froid”, Galerie L&C Tirelli, Vevey, Switzerland.
2019: “Inclusions”, Maja Arte Contemporanea, Rome.
2018: “Mondi. Peter Flaccus e Luca Padroni”, Intragallery, Naples.
2017: “Light up paradise”, Art51 – Nizza Paradise, Lugano.
2015: “Peter Flaccus”, curated by Tanja Lelgeman, Palazzo Cerio – Galleria Laetitia Cerio, Capri / Intragallery, Naples.
2014: “Ritorno a Napoli”, curated by Tanja Lelgeman, Intragallery, Naples; “Peter Flaccus – Matteo Montani”, Otto Gallery, Bologna; “Peter Flaccus – Giuseppe Amalfi”, curated by Serafino Amato, Galleria Monty&Co, Rome.
2013-’14: “Peter Flaccus: La terra cambia”, curated by Cristian Stanescu, Galleria La Nube di Oort, Rome.
2009: Ninni Esposito Arte Contemporanea, Bari; “Peter Flaccus – Gilles Gally”, Galerie L’Agart, Amilly, France; “Milo De Angelis – Peter Flaccus. Opere inedite”, curated by Maria Ida Gaeta, Casa delle Letterature, Rome.
2007: “Peter Flaccus al Frantoio di Capalbio”, Il Frantoio di Capalbio, Capalbio, Italy.
2005: “Enkaustik Bilder: Peter Flaccus und sein malerisches Werk”, curated by Dorothee Plancherel, Stiftung Müllerhaus, Lenzburg, Switzerland.
2004: “Peter Flaccus: Encaustic Paintings”, Zabriskie Gallery, New York; “Punto di fusione”, curated by Francesco Moschini and Gabriel Vaduva, Galleria A.A.M., Rome; Ninni Esposito Arte Contemporanea, Bari.
2002: Ninni Esposito Arte Contemporanea, Bari; Malans Teppich Fabrik, Malans, Switzerland.
2000: Ninni Esposito Arte Contemporanea, Bari.
1999: “Peter Flaccus – L’encausto”, Galleria Marcello Rumma, Rome; Monique Knowlton Gallery, New York.
1997: Galleria della Associazione Culturale Italo-Francese, Bologna.
1985: Monique Knowlton Gallery, New York; Traver Sutton Gallery, Seattle.
1979: Zabriskie Gallery, New York.
1977: Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut, USA; Zabriskie Gallery, New York.

Selected works

Peter Flaccus
Excursion, 2014
Peter Flaccus
March, 2000
Peter Flaccus
Winter, 2018
Peter Flaccus
Red Transit, 2021
Peter Flaccus
Black Square, 2008
Peter Flaccus
Black Ellipse, 2008
Peter Flaccus
Overlaps, 2020
Peter Flaccus
Silver Cloud, 2019
Peter Flaccus
Leaning Ellipse, 2020

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Solo Exhibition
Peter Flaccus
27 January — 12 March 2022
Group Exhibition
Miscellaneous vol. 0
14 May — 28 June 2019


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